General Announcements

School Pics

Yearbook photos will be taken throughout the day. As per school policy, your photo will be taken at a scheduled time, and by "scheduled" I mean, "whenever the photographer feels like it." If all goes according to plan, our photographer will catch you eating, drinking, drooling, picking your nose, picking something else, or if he’s really lucky, fiddling with the gigantic zit on your nose that coincidentally appeared this morning.

Extended Fitness Hours

Effective immediately, P.E. has been extended to three hours per day. Please note this change applies only to those students who are routinely chosen last for teams and/or those taunted with chants of "Easy out! Easy out!" whenever they step up to bat. On the other hand, students who actually enjoy P.E. will receive an independent study credit for participating in our newest class, "The Life & Death of the Dewey Decimal System."

Shooter at Texas high school dead after injuring fellow student

A female shooter died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound on Thursday, after shooting a student at a high school in the west Texas town of Alpine. The incident caused the lockdown of the school and two other public schools in Alpine, said Brewster County sheriff Ronny Dodson. Dodson said at an afternoon news conference that a female student at Alpine high school appeared to turn a gun on herself after shooting another female student, who survived. The survivor was treated at the Big Bend regional medical center.